The company recognises that the disciplines of quality, health & safety and environmental management are an integral part of its management function. The organisation views these as a primary responsibility and to be the key to good business in adopting appropriate quality standards.

The organisation quality policy calls for continual improvements in its quality management activities and business will be conducted according to the following principles;

We will:
• Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
• Follow a concept of continual improvements and make best use of our resources.
• Take due care to ensure that our work activities are safe for employees, suppliers, visitors and others who come into contact with our environment
• Work closely with our customers and suppliers to establish the highest quality standards.
• Comply with our industry codes of practice.
• Conduct our business in a fair and ethical manner.
• Train our staff in the needs and responsibilities of our Quality Management Systems.
• Be aware of our environmental responsibilities when carrying out our work processes.
• Review and revise our policy at planned intervals to comply with the requirements of the standard.
• We are committed to carrying out the requirements of our Management System which meets the needs of our customers.