Repeat orders from Avery Railweight for track side anti-vandal units

Danzer Ltd is once again working with Avery Railweight to install yet more anti-vandal modular buildings at key freight weighing points around the UK.

Avery first commissioned us to provide steel anti-vandal units to securely house the instrumentation equipment which measures the train weight and other related information. This information is then passed back to a management office for data records and analysis.

The units are installed trackside, at power stations, steel works and freight shunting yards.

Commenting on the selection of Danzer’s anti-vandal product Avery Railweight’s Operations Manager Mike Davies said: “The anti-vandal product is compact, secure and very robust, which is essential as these units are located trackside. Danzer has also been flexible with the variety of sizes they could provide and modified and adapted a number of units to meet our exact requirements.”

It’s great to receive repeat orders from happy client such as Avery and these unique, robust little units, fulfill an important role in helping Avery to keep Britain’s freight trains rolling.

Read more about the installation here.