At AVDanzer we pride ourselves on always being able to find a solution, no matter how challenging the conditions on site, but this job in the heart of London for Canary Wharf Contractors saw our team have to pull out all the stops.

We were providing a relatively small set-up of welfare units to support Canary Wharf’s construction team who are building an underground shopping centre. However, the access on site was extremely tight and the footprint onto which we were to place the units left little room for gaining access.

Canary Wharf AV Danzer AVDanzer AVGroup AV Group Portable Modular Buildings

The delivery took considerable co-ordination and planning, with our depot manager John Roper working closely with Mike Walker, our specialist projects officer, together with input from our health and safety officer, James Kelly.

Having carefully worked out the safest possible delivery and installation programme we bought in the big guns and, using a lorry mounted crane with spreader pads under the outriggers to provide greater stability, we were able to lift and slot the units into place.

Luckily, we have a wide team of experts whose knowledge and experience we draw on in such circumstances and we always find a way to make sure an installation can be delivered, no matter how difficult the ground conditions or access.

As you can see in the pictures, the units were eventually positioned on the roof of the underground shopping centre, which is situated below Canada Square Park right in the heart of London’s busy commercial district.


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