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AV Rentacabin has provided solutions for Eric Wright Construction and Civil Engineering on many occasions but the Burnley Lift project presented a new challenge.

A complex to include offices for 10 people, 20 person meeting room, canteen facilities for 72 people and a drying area was needed but taking the smallest possible space whilst keeping to a single storey.

Initially a modular solution was discussed however this was too expensive.AV Group suggested using AV Rentacabin anti-vandal steel units with their new ‘Butt Linking’ system. ‘Butt Linking’ allows units to be pushed up against each other, they are then bolted together thus removing the need for link-ways and keeping the ground area to a minimum.

The units were supplied fully fitted and painted to Eric Wright Construction livery.

AV Rentacabin’s fleet of lorry mounted crane vehicles took care of delivery and erection with additional labour provided to oversee the linking. The units were delivered, linked and, by taking advantage of AV Groups connection service, connected in one day.