BAM Aintree Project, Triple Storey Modular Building

BAM are carrying out extensive development work at Aintree and as part of that development are knocking down and removing an old modular building which provided office accommodation for the consultants and some administrative staff. A site within the Aintree complex was allocated and BAM turned to Danzer to come up with a solution.

The new building would need to connect with an existing building at height to provide access to the second floor. However the floor levels did not meet requiring a “filler” level, in the new building, something other manufacturers were unable to provide.

AVDanzer provided the building using its Steel OpenSpace product with 15no 9.6 x 3m modules over 2 floors and an intermediate filler level. The building also included an enclosed staircase and a canopy walkway across part of the front and the side elevation to enable access to the existing building at ground floor level.