Broughton House

On 19th April Helen Scott agreed to do a tandem skydive to raise money for Broughton House.

The elder gentleman in this photo is Jeff, he is 90yrs old.

Jeff joined the navy in 1941 at 16 and after initial training took further training to become a stores man. He was assigned to HMS Exeter and spent a year at sea working in logistics which involved preparing the shells for the 9″ guns of the Exeter.

The Exeter was sunk in the battle of River Plate and Jeff with others was taken to a Japanese prisoner of war camp and spent 3 years in forced labour at Nagasaki harbour enduring very difficult conditions and treatment. The dropping of the bomb on Nagasaki brought Jeff freedom as the officers deserted. He got 2 months off and was then returned to service where he served out the rest of his service taking part in further conflict in Palestine.

An incredible example of the people Broughton House Home cares for.