Final whistle blows for AV Group’s time at the new City Football Academy

Manchester City Football Academy

Saying goodbye to Manchester City

Despite the onset of high winds and wintery weather we were determined to complete the removal of our units from the new the City Football Academy (CFA) last week. The adverse weather conditions meant we had to delay removal for a day or so owing to health and safety considerations.

As soon as we were happy that the blustery conditions had settled we brought in the removal team and, working with our crane contractors Sutton Crane Hire, we took all 57 units and a staircase off site in just three days.

At the height of the construction phase we had 64 units on site but have been removing those as the build neared completion. We spent several days prepping all of the units to remove jointing strips, flooring, columns, ceiling and facias so the units could easily be lifted onto the lorries.

Owing to BAM Construction’s arrangement with the Academy we could only have one of our five lorries on site at any one time so the fleet remained parked over at the Etihad Stadium as we lifted one unit at a time off the block and onto the vehicles for transportation.

All of the units are now back at our Denton site bolstering our 4000 strong hire fleet once more.

AV Group was contracted by BAM Construction Ltd back in 2012 to provide all of the site accommodation for contractors and subcontractors during the build phase, including the provision of a Visitor Centre and viewing facility. To read more about that click here

To read more about the City Football Academy and to see some amazing photographs of the facility click here.

There is also a great flythrough video available to watch here

December 15th, 2014|

Manchester City Football Academy Launches To International Acclaim

We are over the blue moon to have been involved with the development of Manchester City’s amazing new youth development and first team training centre – the City Football Academy (CFA) – which was opened this week by former manager and captain, Tony Book.

AV Group was contracted by BAM Construction Ltd back in 2012 to provide top-of-the-range site accommodation for contractors and subcontractors during the build phase, including the provision of a Visitor Centre and viewing facility. Visitors from schools, local residents and colleges were able to see for themselves, throughout the build phase, how work was progressing on this world-class sports facility. To read more about that click here

We provided 64 units which formed the welfare centre for BAM’s team. Later this week we will be removing the units but work has been delayed until the high winds die down due to the enforcement of our strict health and safety guidelines. We will report further next week on how we undertook the task safely given the challenging conditions.

The creation of City Football Academy has transformed an 80–acre brownfield site, adjacent to the Etihad Stadium. The launch was overseen by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, who said: “I am a strong believer in improving sporting facilities for young people, which is why I am delighted to oversee the opening of the City Football Academy. The partnership between Abu Dhabi United Group and Manchester City Council is a benchmark for public private partnership, driving investment into the North of England and developing projects where business and the community benefit.”

Our Visitor Centre, and contractors accommodation can be seen in the photo above – the red tinted area on the left!

To read more about the City Football Academy and to see some amazing photographs of the facility click here

December 10th, 2014|

Visitors enjoy bird’s eye view at Manchester City Football Academy

Manchester City Football Academy ETIHAD viewing platform

Over 500 visitors have seen at first hand the on-going development work at the new City Football Academy which is due to open in time for the 2014/2015 Premier League season, thanks to a Visitor Centre which has been installed by AV Group at the Etihad Stadium.

Visitors from schools, local residents and colleges have been welcomed to the Centre and shown the views over the development site, to see for themselves how the new Football Academy is taking shape.

Denton-based AV Group is providing all of the temporary site accommodation during the build phase, fulfilling BAM Construction Ltd’s brief to provide a Visitor Centre and viewing facility alongside top-of-the-range accommodation for contractors and subcontractors. The Centre shows plans of the finished Academy and allows visitors view the construction site to see how the finished facility will eventually look.

Commenting on the progress so far Mike Burchall of AV Group said: “There has been significant public interest in the work taking place, people seem really keen to see how the Academy is developing.”

AV Group provides modular site accommodation for construction projects and this installation includes an open plan meeting room, catering facilities, toilets, washrooms and office space. The site accommodation creates 15,800 ft2 (1,468m2) of space over 3 floors and includes a lift to the viewing gallery to ensure access for all.

Mike Burchall continues: “The standard of temporary accommodation required on major construction sites like this now is extremely high. Clients want to provide the highest standard of facilities for their people and that includes great showers, fitted kitchens, Sky TV in the canteen, open plan meeting rooms with no posts in the middle as well as eco-friendly details such as passive Infra-red lighting, rainwater harvesting and the best possible levels of insulation.

“Keeping uniformity on site is really important and we have extended our contract this week with BAM Construction Ltd to also provide additional units for sub-contractors FK Construction. Providing a Visitor Centre too was an important part of the brief to ensure open access to the public and we are delighted to be providing world-class facilities for a world-class team.”

AV Group specialises in providing modular and site accommodation for construction firms, hospitals, sports clubs and schools. It manufactures all of its stock in the UK at its sister company Danzer Ltd in Nottingham and invests up to £1m each year in replenishing its 4,000 unit hire fleet.

May 9th, 2013|

AV Group Bids Farwell To Successful Co-Operative Project

©BAM Construction Ltd

AV Group has undertaken one of its biggest ever de-commissioning projects with the removal of its temporary accommodation installation at Manchester’s new Co-Op HQ. The Denton firm provided 56 bright green, modular units, stacked four-high, providing 17,920 sq ft of accommodation during the construction phase at the site in central Manchester.

The AV Group was appointed by BAM Construction in August 2012 to provide temporary accommodation facilities for the construction team and subcontractors and the company invested £250,000 in the manufacture of additional new modular units for the project. The new units we produced in Nottingham by its manufacturing arm Danzer Ltd.

It is the first time that the AV Group has provide a four storey facility and the entire system has been designed, manufactured, installed and removed by the Denton-based company. Removal work is being carefully planned to ensure minimum disruption to nearby residents during the early mornings and evenings whilst adhering to haulage restrictions which prevent large loads being moved during peak traffic hours.

The modular building provided facilities including a temporary tool hire shop, a canteen and kitchen, offices and meeting rooms. It also provided welfare facilities including toilets, showers, drying rooms, office and first aid space, store rooms, communal room and first aid. A Muslim WC and foot wash facility were also included to support the ethnically diverse work force.

AV Group also installed a viewing platform on the roof of the temporary accommodation to allow BAM and the Co-Op team to view the entire site with ease. Specially designed enclosed staircases supported promotional BAM site banners to promote their presence on site.

Commenting on the project AV Group’s Helen Scott said: “This has been a significant project for us in many ways, not just because of its sheer scale but due to its wide variety of uses and the challenging logistics and health and safety measures involved in safely erecting and removing such a huge building together. We have a very narrow window each day during which we can remove the units but we will be clear of the site by the end of the week.“

She continued: “The building was designed to reflect BAM exemplary environmental credentials so features such as increased energy saving, improved insulation, water saving devices and controlled lighting were specified throughout.”

The project also included a security point with turnstile access and induction facility to ensure secure access to and full accountability of all people on site at all times.

The 325,000 sq ft new HQ for Co-operative was designed by 3D Reid and built by BAM Construction.


February 18th, 2013|

AV Danzer wins £236k project for Clayhall Park Cricket Pavilion

AV Danzer, the Denton-based manufacturer of modular and portable buildings, has been appointed by the London Borough of Redbridge to provide a ten module cricket pavilion at Clayhall Park in North East London.

The modular building is being manufactured at Danzer’s Nottingham site and the installation will be completed by the end of March to accommodate the return of a colony of bats which has made the old pavilion its home in recent years.

The Danzer team will commence demolition of the old pavilion building in mid-January and will undertake all associated ground works and the construction of a raft foundation whilst the modular LinkPak NG buildings are manufactured. The new building will also provide a roost for the returning bats which migrate during the winter months.

The new facility will provide 2195 sq ft of space and will include home and away changing rooms, showers and toilets as well as a new club house, storage space and a referees’ facility. During the winter months the pavilion building will be used by other sports teams in the area.

Commenting on the contract Dan Holloway, Danzer Project Manager said: “This is an unusual project as we are working to nature’s deadline not a sporting or construction one. The bats will return at the beginning of April so we need to ensure that the building will be ready to accommodate them by that point. It happens to co-incide with the start of the cricket season which is also convenient.”

He continues: “We are in the process of manufacturing the bespoke modules and, as we have our own manufacturing facility, we are able to be totally flexible and build into the design whatever features our customers require, which in this case includes a bat roost. We received the order just days before Christmas and manufacturing began immediately.”

The Danzer team will be on-site from mid-January for demolition and ground works and the pavilion will be ready for the start of the cricket season in May.

February 18th, 2013|

Etihad Installation nearing completion!

The second floor is now complete and work is accelerating towards finishing this installation at the Etihad Stadium as soon as possible.

October 23rd, 2012|

Etihad Stadium Updates

The first floor is now complete!

Second floor will start to be installed mid-week, and in the meantime the fit out of the ground and first floor continues.

The ground floor provides all the welfare facilities including canteen, drying and changing room, toilets and showers. The first floor provides offices for the subcontractors who will be operating on this project.

October 15th, 2012|

Etihad Stadium progress

More progress on our installation at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium training ground. The first floor is now well underway, the plumbers commence installation of the wet heating system in the ground floor today.

October 10th, 2012|

Installation begins at Etihad

Our team are currently on site and installing a very large temporary accommodation solution for Manchester City and their new training facility. AVDanzer are proud to have been appointed by our client BAM Construction and anticipate that the 3 storey OpenSpace units will be ready to hand over before the end of October.

The main accommodation will provide 1,468m2 – comprising 51 OpenSpace units over 3 floors. There are enclosed staircases and emergency exits built into the scheme, along with lift access to a viewing gallery. The project is expected to last 92 weeks and once this main complex is fully installed we will add a 5 module visitor centre.

OpenSpace Etihad Manchester City BAM

These images show the anti-vandal units being installed as initial works get under way.

All the accommodation for this site is being built at our centrally located Nottingham factory, and installed by our in-house highly trained installation team lead by Andrew Little.

October 8th, 2012|

AV Danzer win Manchester City’s football academy accommodation project

AV Danzer are proud to announce that we have won the contract to supply temporary accommodation at Manchester City’s new football academy in East Manchester next to the world famous Etihad Stadium. We are delighted that our client BAM Construction have awarded us this project which follows on our successful installations at the prestigious new Co-op building in the centre of Manchester, also with BAM.

The £500,000 new build project is a large 3 storey OpenSpace steel building complex, and includes a 5 bay marketing and induction suite. The installation will be fully completed by the end of October 2012, and the accommodation incorporates a viewing platform accessed by mechanical lift, welfare units, restaurant, subcontractor offices, and accommodation for the project team. Photo’s to follow soon!

Manchester City Training Academy

Further information on the project is on the BBC’s website click here

Further information about OpenSpace can be found here

October 3rd, 2012|