John Fisher Retired AV Danzer

This month we bid farewell to John Fisher, our chief maintenance operative, after literally a lifetime of working with the Holloway family.

John (68) first met John Holloway back in 1972 when he, his father Jeff and brother Tim, were working at Parker Rosser, a well-known timber yard in Trafford Park.

At the time the young John Fisher was working with a small team of bricklayers and he and his pals were passing the yard looking for work. Spotting a pile of bricks which looked ready to be used the opportunistic trio called in and asked if there was any building work going.

Liking their approach John Holloway said that although they were not yet ready to start construction of the planned building he had plenty of general jobs for someone looking to work hard. As John recalls: “He actually said to me on day one that if you work hard I’ll give you a job for life. Little did I know that those words would ring true and that today, 46 years later, I’d be retiring from John’s family business.”

In those early days Parker Rosser was working with the housebuilder Wimpey Homes which was experimenting with putting wooden floors into their houses. In an early example of off-site construction techniques these timber floors were being sawn and prepared in giant sheds at Parker Rosser’s site, a move which was quite unusual at the time. John and his mates set about building up the brickwork on the giant steel sheds where the floors were being made as well as undertaking a wide variety of general maintenance tasks for the firm. Although his mates eventually moved on John stayed with the firm for almost 14 years.

Tim Holloway then started a new timber venture called HLH at Trafford Park and John moved with him to work there until 2000. That business was eventually merged with another timber firm called Robertson’s and all the staff moved on to new roles. Tim Holloway however asked John to stay with the Holloway family and he moved to John Holloway’s venture, AV Rent-a-Cabin which is today AVDanzer.

John has worked loyally for us here at Denton ever since and is now looking forward to a well-earned rest. Well, when we say a rest he is a travel lover and a fitness fan so he plans to balance his time between working out at his son Craig’s gym in Gatley and travelling with his wife Mandy. We hope you enjoy your retirement John and thanks for all your hard work over so many years.