OpenSpace AV Danzer

Innovative development and the application of new materials and design features ensure we deliver longer lasting, better performing buildings with significant economic benefits.

Our new galvanised steel building system is today delivering a 30% increase in productivity in steel manufacture and has enabled us to deliver significant product developments.

Our OpenSpace product has opened up the construction and civil markets to us enabling us to compete for large, long-term contracts where previously purchase of the contractor accommodation would have fallen to traditional modular buildings.

Further innovation has led to us creating an end-linked module allowing us to provide buildings with larger foot prints in both width and length.

Developing the linking system, and reinforcement to enable us to take the sides out of the Protecta units to form OpenSpace, was trialled by our production team. Once we were confident in this process we were able to develop the system which allowed us to provide 3 and 4 storey buildings with end-linked units.

We have recently introduced a new system of steel construction for our modular buildings which exceeds the highest current industry standards. Our fully-galvanized, cold-formed steel (CFS) construction system, comes with a 60 year structural warranty which promises longer lives for modular buildings.

This new standard of manufacture can be used in the production of the largest modular buildings. Due to its improved weight-bearing capabilities, we can now design modular buildings up to 9 storeys high. This will enable customers to maximise really limited spaces by creating additional vertical space.

Costly time and budget overruns are a major concern among construction clients. We have ensured that our factory-based modular building manufacture is not disrupted by weather, site characteristics or trade shortages. 99.9% of projects are delivered on time and on budget – compared with a construction-industry average of 63% on time and 49% on budget.

Swift delivery is key – we often reduce time by up to 50% compared to a traditional build. This leads to proportionate savings in site costs and an earlier ROI.

Our factory-based manufacturing environment delivers consistently high-quality standards through close control of the entire construction process.

A range of innovative optional features deliver a highly sustainable product including rain water harvesting, sedum roofs, PIR lighting and improved thermal performance.