Chris Evans

AV Group is delighted to have been able to support client Canary Wharf in helping to build an amazing Garden of Tranquility for children’s hospice Demelza in Kent. The Gardens were officially opened by DJ Chris Evans, and his own young family on 1 July.

We were very happy to be able to provide Canary Wharf with a 32’ x 10’ x 20’ store for the contractors to use as they helped the team to build the new garden area.

Commenting on the garden project Canary Wharf’s Thomas Kelly said: “The garden, while spectacular in its own right, represents much more to the many families who have and will use it into the future while dealing with the grief of losing a child. As such it represents a priceless resource to Demelza in helping those families overcome their loss and move on with their lives whilst also acting as a focal point in remembering those who have passed on.”

The Demelza team explained the support: “The team from Canary Wharf Contractors, which is currently building the 25/30 Churchill Place development at Canary Wharf, donated design and project management services, construction equipment, labour, materials, trees and shrubs to create the garden over the past nine months. In the process, they have raised over £500,000 in cash and in kind donations from almost 70 of their sub-contractors and suppliers, with staff volunteering their labour over numerous weekends to build the Garden.”

The Garden of Tranquillity features landscaped gardens, a picnic area, an obelisk water feature, sensory areas, a stone bridge and walkway. It will be a special place for reflection and remembrance, as well as a fun and welcoming area for children staying at the hospice.