Did you know that, not only do we provide top of the range portable modular buildings and secure steel welfare cabins, but we can also deliver a whole host of ancillary items too?

Usually, when someone specifies a modular building or a welfare unit it is for a very specific need, so we have developed a range of bolt-on facilities that allow us to create highly functional spaces. In fact, whatever the requirement we will work out the best way to create a space which perfectly suits your needs.


Some of the most popular additional items we have included in recent years are:

Protecta Security AV Danzer

Security gatehouses
• Smoking booths or shelters
• Battery banks
• Water tanks
Green roofs
• Effluent tanks
Lockers and changing facilities
• First aid points
• Data wiring
• Fire alarms
• Smoke alarms
• Burglar alarms
• Electric car charging points
• Bat boxes and bird nests

Many of these are available for sale or hire and we are constantly adding to the range of options available. We quite like the challenge of finding solutions to customers’ needs so, whatever it is you are looking for we can usually come up with the goods!

Supporting diverse workforces

With an increasingly diverse population we have also developed a range of facilities such as unisex and multi-sex washrooms, foot-wash areas, prayer rooms, seated and squatting toilets etc.

This allows our customers to create welfare spaces which meet the needs of their employees who are operating within a modern and diverse workforce.

All these facilities can be worked into the overall design and delivered and installed while we are on site. We also provide a range of internal finishes such as carpets, furniture, window blinds, kitchen equipment, you name it we can provide it!

Schools and nurseries

Schools and Nurseries AV Danzer

We can install soundproofing, re-inforced-walls for schools which might be teaching troubled pupils, hoists and tracks to enable full access to pupils with enhanced access needs and impact resistant surfaces.

Outside spaces can be turned into fabulous play areas for teaching and learning. We have created soft play areas, created colourful canopies to keep the rain at bay, installed rubberised playground surfaces, created dens and hideaways for children to make the very most of the school’s outdoor space.

Viewing platforms

Viewing Platforms AV Danzer

In recent years we have seen a growing number of requests for viewing platforms and to create outdoor spaces for people to unwind. At Renaker’s Owen Street development in Manchester we created a super chill-out area with great views across the development site while at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium we installed a viewing platform which allowed local community groups and visitors to see right across the site while work was underway. We also worked with Etihad team to support the installation of a lift by cladding the lift shaft so there was full access to all levels of the building.

So, as you can see, we are about so much more than just creating four-walled spaces. If you’ve got a challenge do contact us and we’ll be delighted to see if we can help.