It’s not often that children are so super excited to return to school after the holidays but when you come back to a brand new, purpose-built modular classroom, and it’s purple, then it’s sometimes hard to hold it all in!!

Brinsley School AV Danzer

When Year 2 came back to school after the Christmas break they were amazed to see that their new classroom had been erected over the holidays and was soon ready for them to use.

Finished with purple carpets and blinds and purple chairs it has obviously been designed and finished with the children very much front of mind.

The classrooms in the school are all named after birds and the children wasted no time in calling this after the most colourful one, the Goldfinch.

Brinsley School AV Danzer

Working on behalf of Woodhead Construction, AVDanzer went on site with the new Linkpak classroom between Boxing Day and New Year, starting with the ground and enabling works.

Once the site was prepared we used a trackway to allow us to bring the four units off the lorries on the road, across the softer ground and onto site, finally lifting them into place ready for installation.

The new classroom features disability access WCs, a wash area, storage space and maintenance room and provides 77m2 of additional teaching space for a class of up to 30.

Additional features built into the design include PIR lighting, air conditioning, door safety locks (which can only be opened for the outside by a keyholder) as well as roof lights to allow in as much daylight as possible.

Brinsley School AV Danzer

The new modular classroom sits between the school’s two playground areas and alongside the original red brick building which was built over 100 years ago. Special consideration was given to the design of the brick façade of the new building to ensure that it complimented the existing red brick building alongside.

Pupil numbers at the school have more than doubled in the last six years from 100 to around 250 today, a trend which is being seen right across the country.

Brinsley School AV Danzer

In fact, Brinsley is one of six primary schools across Nottinghamshire to get new classrooms as a result of a £4.5m investment programme by Nottinghamshire County Council to prepare for a projected increase in demand for school places. To read more about this story click here.