14 March 2011


When Comic Relief were thinking about their big fund raising adventure for this years appeal they decided a trek across Northern Kenya would provide an excellent challenge to the group of celebrities who had volunteered to be involved.

So Comic Relief contacted Dan Holloway, AV Group’s director of its Southern activities, and asked him to become involved in planning and organising the route!

Comic Relief

Dan has travelled extensively in Africa and particularly in the area of Kenya Comic Relief were interested in highlighting. So with his colleague Carls at ‘Wandering Nomads’, Dan planned a route and carried out the community liaison prior to the big Comic Relief Trek.

Comic Relief

Dan ensured all the tents, camels. guides and base camp were all set up and organised in advance of the Comic Relief BBC and Celebs arriving in Kenya. Dan then became one of the Trek members, Dermot O’Leary described him as “one of their life savers”, cooking the meals for the whole party, and bringing up the rear to ensure everyone stayed on track.

These photos show Dan and his group during the investigative visit to Kenya establishing the route of the trek as well as some taken during the Comic Relief trek itself.