Helsinki Iron Mountain AV Danzer AV Group

Danzer has recently seen its business go International, a fact of which we are extremely proud. In 2014 we undertook our first export order for Osborn Associates, to provide a bespoke document storage facility for US distribution company Iron Mountain at its Damastown depot near Dublin. Danzer was specified because our OpenSpace modular system met the demanding specification in all its detail.

Manufactured by Danzer at our Langley Mill site in Nottingham, the three 3m x 9.6m steel modules created a storage vault which was then linked to the main Iron Mountain depot. 95% of the fit-out was completed at Langley Mill in order to allow rapid installation at Damastown. The units were pre-installed with insulated wall and ceiling panels, mobile shelving, fire alarms, a pressure relief system, security system and air conditioning. These units are presently on the way to Helsinki. Our installation team Andrew Little, Bill Holloway and Paul Fletcher will be performing the installation next week.

A key factor in the delivery of the project was to ensure that the tracking system remained perfectly level and, having completed a similar project before we were able to prove that we could deliver this crucial aspect without a hitch.

The £55k unit was manufactured by Danzer, shipped and installed in Dublin.

In 2015 a further £80k order for Iron Mountain was manufactured, delivered and installed in Helsinki, Finland. We built a four-module sliding, wheeled storage system which is also being used for data storage.

Within weeks a further order was placed by Iron Mountain to extend the document storage facility and Danzer is delivering this unit to Helsinki, Finland in May. Danzer is looking to further build on the European export market in 2016.