James Kelly, Health and Safety for AV Group and Danzer

When did you join Danzer ?
Just this summer in June 2015
What did you do previously ?
I worked in the Royal Navy specialising in Counter Terrorism and Anti Piracy operations in the Middle East. I then left to study for my NEBOSH Health and Safety qualifications and I hope to start my Diploma in the coming months.
What does the role involve ?
The role involves the maintenance of health and safety systems and to effectively communicate these to the staff at both AV Group/ and Danzer. I also conduct awareness training for the staff to increase the Health and Safety culture amongst employees and am bringing in new, cost-effective procedures that help maintain a safe workplace environment.
Are there any particular challenges you are having to tackle?
I work nationwide covering depots in Essex, Manchester and Nottingham, so the biggest challenge for me is to understand the different working practices that the staff are used to in all 3 depots. In the health and safety industry there are always grey areas that can need clarification and when that does happen being part of organisations such as
the ‘Manchester Occupational Health and Safety Group’ I am never short of experience professional advice.
What is the firm’s H&S policy ?
Here at AV Group and Danzer we insist on the very highest standards of Health and Safety amongst our employees and sub contractors. Myself and Mike Walker strive to maintain high standards and we do this by conducting the relevant training, performing suitable and sufficient risk assessments, keeping all of the plant and equipment tested and safe at all times.
What was the first change you made when you came in?

One of the changes I made when I first arrived was to the training methods. Prior to my employment the training was conducted on a one to one basis via a internet portal. Now I conduct the training by doing presentations using a projector with testing procedures on completion to assess knowledge.
How do you involve so many people in H&S especially when you have three depots and lots of off-site work to consider?
I involve everybody by visiting the different depots weekly, carrying out various checks and delivering toolbox talks alongside assessments to keep everyone up to date and current.