The design team here at Danzer has invested in auto Computer Aided Design REVIT building design software which is specially built for Building Information Modelling (BIM).
It will allow us to produce 3D models of projects ahead of build and enable us to share building information much more easily with other contractors.

BIM allows us to gather data on geometry, spatial relationships, light analysis, geographic information, quantities and properties of building components, project management and post-construction facilities management.

The data can be used to illustrate the entire building life-cycle, from cradle to cradle, from inception and design to demolition and materials reuse; quantities and properties of materials, which can be easily extracted from the model; and the scope of works, including management of project targets and facilities management throughout the building’s life.

Furthermore, systems, components, assemblies and sequences can be shown in relative scale to each other and, in turn, relative to the entire project.

From April 2016, all centrally-funded public sector work is due to be delivered using Level 2 BIM. To find out more about the impact BIM will have there’s a great article here at

The design team will be undertaking external training over the next few months and we intend to be implementing BIM on all projects by the end of 2014.