Harlan Laboratories

Following a devastating fire in 2013 Danzer has helped International Laboratory Services (ILS), a leading food and pharmaceutical research company based in Derby, to rise from the ashes.

In what has been our biggest single commission to date we have provided no fewer than 64 LinkPak steel and timber modules to create a 48m x 33m building. The new state-of-the-art research facility opened last year and was instrumental in helping the firm to get back up to full operational speed as swiftly as possible.

The client’s requirement for a peripheral corridor running around the facility and half glazed interior partitioning to create different lab spaces was readily accommodated by redesigning LinkPak system’s steelwork.

We manufactured and delivered the units from our Langley Mill factory in Nottingham in four phases – supplying 16 modules with each phase. Our installation team handled the fitting of doors, trims and fixings on site, including making sure the exterior Steni Brick cladding lined up perfectly – a challenging task on a build of this scale. Fittings such as autoclaves, incubators and extraction facilities were installed by specialist companies.

The completed structure is predominantly a laboratory facility with some sound-proofed office accommodation also included. A roof top plant room was also added to the design and we included a steel access ladder and door out onto the roof for easy maintenance since all air conditioning, plant extraction systems and other facilities serving the laboratories were all installed on the roof.

We added some nice design touches such as an Oak portcullis-style entrance door as well as recessed porches and canopies to provide shelter in poor weather.

Commenting recently in the Derby Telegraph ILS Operations Director Lorraine Bater explained how a high-risk strategy of sub-contracting work to the competition helped the firm to limit losses to 20% after the fire. She said: “The only thing we could do was to sub-contract out the work. We’re no longer using portable buildings and we are now able to focus on the next process which is to get our clients back. We’ve been in touch with them all and there is no indication that they won’t return.”

So a real Phoenix from the flames story for ILS which is great to hear.