Our core products have all been designed, developed and refined according to market research and customer feedback. Today we deliver bespoke and individually designed units and configurations of interconnecting units across our four core product ranges. These are:


Danzer Linkpak modular buildings are building regulation compliant and offer a permanent solution as an alternative to traditional buildings. They are ahead of the field when it comes to performance incorporating features such as:

• Underfloor heating /cooling system
• PIR controlled lighting system
• Wireless IT connectivity
• Interactive computerised whiteboards
• Smoke cloak system
• Two, three or single storey modular buildings


Protecta anti-vandal cabins offer the very latest in robust on-site security and durability. Designed to repel the most persistent of intruders and protect all that’s valuable, Danzer delivers peace of mind and protection.

• Fully welded 1.6mm steel anti-vandal shell units which can be combined or double stacked
• Unique grinder resistant door design, fabricated from 3mm steel plate, with 5 lever
lock and bolt through frame to deter thieves and vandals
• Steel shutters with handshake close to prevent jemmying
• Profiled steel exterior to deliver extra strength and longevity of life
• Cambered roof to prevent water pooling thus protecting against rust
• Fully tested lifting eyes to ensure safe lifting, time after time


OpenSpace is part of a suite of interconnected products offered exclusively by Danzer. OpenSpace is specifically designed to provide fast, efficient, open plan spaces that are highly affordable and can grow with client’s requirements and without the restrictions of certain building regulations. They can be on site and operational within one day of ordering and can be stacked up to four stories high.

OpenSpace is anti-vandal, practical, and open plan. It is flexible, expandable, works with standard fleet units, and can be installed anywhere maximising on-site accommodation potential and growing with the project.

High Line

HighLine is our new range of Modular Portable Buildings. Anti-vandal, practical, and open plan, HighLine is flexible, expandable, works with standard fleet units, and can be installed anywhere. It’s fast, flexible and economical and bigger on the inside than is at first obvious.

With increased ceiling heights, vastly improved insulation values, and UPVC fully openable double glazing Danzer’s new HighLine range has been meticulously designed for schools, offices, and medium to long-term solutions where budgets may be stretched.