Constructionline Gold AV Danzer

We are delighted to have received our new Gold Standard Constructionline accreditation this month and thought we would explain what that means to us and to our customers.

Constructionline is the UK’s largest register of contractors, consultants and material suppliers for the construction industry.

It brings together thousands of buyers and accredited suppliers and aims to reduce the risk that can be introduced for any buying organisation within the built environment supply chain.

John Edmunds, managing director of Constructionline, explains: ‘This new tiered approach to supplier assessment gives buyers more robust risk management and increases their confidence by providing real-time updates on their entire supply chain from a single platform.

‘Extending our PQQ beyond the standard PAS 91 question allows buyers to keep pace with new legislation such as Modern Slavery, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, and Equal Opportunities. On-premise audits add the necessary level of scrutiny appropriate for high-value and high-risk projects.

‘Our Gold Accreditation with Constructionline plays a vital role in improving and simplifying the PQQ process.
‘Constructionline’s extended and verified question set allows us to save time at the PQQ stage of procurement.  It demonstrates to our customers that we have been pre-approved in ethical standards, and that they can have complete confidence in our abilities.’

The new Gold Standard accreditation not only provides suppliers like AVDanzer with more access to buyers in both the public and private sector but it also demonstrates to buyers that organisations such as ours are aligned to the highest possible industry and government standards.

Providing an increasing level of risk management, the enhanced membership levels are in demand from buyers looking for increased assurance that their supply chain is not introducing additional risk into their business.

It helps us to identify forthcoming construction projects and reduces time spent on paperwork as all our information is already listed on the constructionline database.

It also provides Health and Safety SIPP certification, demonstrating to buyers that we comply with the very highest possible standards and that we have been subjected to increased scrutiny around governance and risk management.