Back in January we reported on news of an extremely large project we are working on; providing site welfare facilities for the Skanska JV team which is delivering the £100m National Grid Humber Tunnel pipeline.

We have provided 50 OpenSpace welfare, office, training centre and security portable modular buildings, all of which have been manufactured by AVDanzer’s production team at Langley Mill.

The challenge then was to deliver and install them safely in somewhat challenging conditions…

The 5.5 km high pressure National Grid gas pipeline is being laid beneath The Humber estuary which when commissioned will have the potential to convey up to 40% of the nation’s gas supply. As the pipe is being laid beneath the flood plain of one of the UK’s major rivers the threat of continual flooding is extremely high.

Skanska undertook a thorough review of the site and, working closely with National Grid and the JV partnership, it was decided to raise the entire installation 1.8m off the ground to avoid any risk of water ingress.

Skanska Humber Portable Modular Buildings

Using diameter cast concrete pipes as foundations, we created a stable base which is strong enough to support the significant weight of the units.

The installation was done over a period of 8 days using mobiles cranes to off-load, lift and site the units. This phase needed careful planning and a lot of patience because of the frequent coastal high winds which can be so dangerous for lifting. Our H&S lead Mike Walker worked hand in hand with National Grid’s health and safety team to oversee the installation and ensure that the job was entirely safe.

Adding to the challenges, Skanska had no power on site so they brought in 2 large generators and a huge diesel tank to provide fuel. These also then required safe storage so we used 3 large shipping containers on top of which we sited 3 flat rack containers – each of which can support 30 tonnes. This provided a footprint of 7.2m x 12m and enough stability to support the generators and fuel tank.

Skanska Humber Portable Modular Buildings Generator

In the office space we installed an air conditioning system which also needed to be raised up to avoid flood risk. We created a bracket system to provide support for the unit well off the ground level and out of the way of any possible danger.

Six steel security units were also installed at the various entrances to the site. Each one is totally self-contained with tanks to store the waste water and effluent from the washing and toilet facilities.

So, this project of national significance has also been one of the most challenging and rewarding projects AVDanzer has ever delivered. It is great to look across this vast site and see the pipeline project coming to fruition, knowing we have played a small part in helping it to happen.

The units will be in place for at least 3 years then we will have to work out how to remove them! We may start planning that now…


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