The Big Sleep Out is returning this autumn and AVDanzer is delighted to announce our continued support by offering welfare cabins which will host volunteers, safety staff, press and maybe even a few famous faces.

The Big Sleep Out is supported by our client Taylor Wimpy and when they asked us to get involved we were, of course, delighted to be able to contribute once again to this fantastic charity.

Big Sleep Out AV Danzer 2018

The event will be hosted on the 15th November, at what is soon to be a development site just a stone’s throw away from London’s Canary Warf. So, as you can imagine there won’t be much appropriate space to host guests, volunteers and the press unit – which is where we come in.

At last year’s event we provided two 20’ x 8’ portable modular buildings providing warmth and shelter to those working on site. Robert Rees, a spokesperson for End Youth Homelessness said the buildings were: “The focal point for all volunteers,” and that the contributions “made a huge difference to the cost of the event which ultimately means we can invest even more money in our young people!”

AVDanzer will be delivering the two units on the 12th and will collect a week later, after both the Corporate and Community based Sleep Out events have finished.

The Big Sleep Out sets out to raise awareness of homelessness and will in turn see over 3,000 supporters from both businesses and the local community brave the elements and spend a night outdoors at 16 locations across the country, with London being the main hub.

The fantastic night is spilt in two halves. The first will be a great celebration of the Charity’s fantastic work with live music, drinks and festivities. The second being the main attraction, the ‘Big Sleep Out’.

The Big Sleep Out AV Danzer

In recent years London’s Big Sleep Out has seen some familiar faces join the celebrations, such as Dermot O’Leary and Sara Cox, who took shelter from the cold in AVDanzer’s units.

If you would like to get involved in this year’s event or simply want to keep in the know with all the wonderful work CentrePoint and the Big Sleep Out do, you can find more by clicking here.