ULCCO Liverpool University Arts and Humanities Center

AVDanzer is on site at Liverpool University supporting the team which is building a superb new Arts and Humanities centre.

The 3890 m2 building will provide 2 large lecture theatres along with the Tung auditorium that will host large musical events.

We have supplied twelve 32 x 10 OpenSpace portable modular building welfare units which comprise toilets, offices, meeting rooms and an induction room. They are configured in a double stack and linked with external stairs.

To make the most of the space on site we have also included three 20 x 8 stores which partially form the lower level of the stack. The configuration was carefully designed to make the most of the space and the units include carpets, emergency lighting, steps and lockers.

ULCCO Liverpool University Arts and Humanities Center

University of Liverpool project manager Graham Sullivan said: “We’ve worked with AVDanzer many times as we know they provide a superb service. They liaised closely with us to make the most out of the available space and we are very happy with the facilities we now have on site.”

The units are on a hire contract and will remain on site until the projects completes in August 2021.