British Sugar, Wissington

Here at Danzer Ltd not only are we famous for the manufacture of market leading modular buildings and steel units, but we also know how to bake a good sweet cake, as our Facebook page from Comic Relief Day shows only too well.

So imagine our delight in being contracted to provide workshops for the largest sugar beet factory in the world at British Sugar’s site in Wissington, King’s Lynn.

The 8 steel, anti-vandal units will be used to provide additional workshop space for the sugar makers who produce 400,000 tonnes of the white stuff from the site every year. The units were placed 8ft apart and the gap between each unit was bridged to form an under cover storage area, a process which involved the fabrication of bespoke brackets to allow the storage roof to be attached.

The process at Wissington, which employs 240 people, produces not only great British granulated sugar for our cakes but also sugar beet for animal feed and bi-products include lime, topsoil and stones which are sold as aggregate.

Our team will be installing the maintenance workshops in July and Helen will be baking again for Comic Relief next Spring.