Denne Construction Brighton

The team at AV Group likes nothing better than a challenge and we were certainly given a head-scratcher by our longstanding client Denne Construction for its development project at Brighton’s New England Quarter. Denne needed on-site accommodation for its contractors who are building 147 apartments for Hyde Housing Group, but the only available space was on a steep incline adjacent to a busy road, train station and hotel.

AV Group surveyed the ground and decided to use steel supports for their modular buildings solution, which were bolted down onto 2 metre deep concrete foundations. This provided a secure foundation on which could be stacked eight 32’ x 10’ units.

The main access to Brighton station could not be restricted or blocked, so the team had to find a novel way to get the units on-site.

Commenting on the installation Denne’s Mark Thomalin said: “ We’ve worked with AV Group for many years and we were delighted to partner them again on this scheme.

It was particularly challenging given the access issues and we negotiated hard with the Jury’s Inn who kindly allowed us to use space on their land to site a crane. Not only did AV Group come up with the solution to site the stack on a steep slope but they managed to get all eight units craned onto site in just one day which was quite remarkable.’

The units will be on-site for the lifetime of the development which is scheduled to compete on October 2014.