Here are the first photos of our brand new head office, and we are so pleased to be in – following just a few weeks of ground preparation, offsite building, and installation.

This is a 9 module building totalling 263m2, and cost £95,000 completely finished. It has large Aluminium framed double glazed windows with vinyl faced Plasterboard linings throughout.

In the style of our hugely popular and innovative Highline buildings we have increased ceiling heights adding the the spaciousness and airiness of the environment. We have upgraded insulation all around including under the floors, and added sound reducing insulation to all partitioning. The building is very secure, and security alarmed

Below you can see how we built the foundations and then added the units. The offices are really spacious inside. Our investment in our own space is a testament to the confidence that we have in our own products. Why not call us, we would be delighted to give you a guided tour, and more information about how we might be able to help you.


Our staff worked for one day installing all the units which arrived at staggered times throughout the day.


The fit out, electrics, communications, heating and lighting went smoothly too!


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